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A Conta PJ do Bansaúde foi feita para donos de pequenos negócios, autônomos e MEIs que precisam de uma conta prática


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Personal & Customized Services

  • We never push a one-size-fits-all plan of action on our clients because each client comes to us with unique goals and challenges.
  • We listen to clients about their situation and needs.
  • We encourage clients to ask and answer difficult questions about what they want to accomplish and how they want to operate.

Practical Deliverables

  • Funders come to us looking for implementable solutions, so rather than offering our clients abstract or pie-in-the-sky advice, we work with them to develop concrete operation plans and checklists, strategies, and plans of action for grantmaking.
  • We help our clients realistically match their resources with goals, and we offer implementable strategies for reaching those goals.
  • Because of our experience working in trusted relationships with clients, we know which plans will be most viable for a given philanthropic or familial goal.

Discretion & Confidentiality

  • We recognize that although funders aim to make a public impact, philanthropy is a personal activity that expresses private beliefs and involves resources that many funders prefer to keep private.
  • We have a strong background in legal ethics and confidentiality and are devoted to safeguarding client privacy.
  • We have extensive experience working with clients to protect their philanthropic identities when desired.